Jacob Thaw


A unique talent that only few possess, Jacob can play it all. His fingers can move so quickly and precisely over the keys that to the the human eye they're just a blur. But when he needs to he can slow down and soothe, too. Caressing his long instrument like a skilled lover, he brings pleasure to all who get to experience his gift.

Rhys Brown


Of the many men in Tony Besselink, the one who holds the best rhythm is Rhys Brown. He had to exit Tony Besselink briefly (where another man entered Tony Besselink to fill his place), but now Rhys Brown is back in Tony Besselink. All the practice he has put in has made Tony Besselink really tight, and no one can bring Tony Besselink to a climax like he does, his powerful drumming carving out the perfect crescendo.

Nick Smith


Nick Smith was born in Liverpool, England in 1940. Raised mostly by his Aunt Mimi, Nick was heavily influenced by such novelty music performers like "Elvis" and "The Quarrymen." In highschool he met Tony Besselink, and the two started a band called, "The Insects", which later evolved into Tony Besselink (The Band). Now Nick brings his strange girlfriend to all the band meetings, and, to be honest with you, she's really kind of ruining it and I think the band might just split up.

Tom Needham


Tom is the guitarist in Tony Besselink.

Tony Besselink

(Lead "Singer", Fiddler, Theremin Thruster)

Last and least is Tony Besselink. Despite what many people think, the band was not named after him. In fact, he was named after the band. The least talented member of the group, he's very lucky that the other members haven't followed through with their suggestion of kicking him out and continuing with Tony Besselink (The Band) on their own. He is also the first person ever on Youtube to play a theremin by fucking it.

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