In The Beginning...

Bands are created for many reasons. A passion for making music. An attempt to recapture youth after a mid-life crisis. Actually, they're the only two reasons.

Or so the world thought! Until Tony Besselink invented a third reason to put a band together: To waste people's time. But what drives a man to such a thing. Well it all started with this...

Yes, armed with this pointless software, Tony wasted no time in recording his debut album, "I Can't Believe It's Not Music". He then forced it upon innocent people in the guise of engagement presents, birthday presents, or in some cases without any good cause.

One year later, it was time for Tony's second album. Nick Smith, Tony's housemate and futue bass player, suggested they use real instruments on the album's breakout single, "I Love a Little Irish". Pleased with the outcome, and looking for further exposure, they placed the song on Triple J Unearthed.

Eventually Tony was contacted by a lady running a Battle of the Bands competition. Sensing a chance to waste more people's time, and eager to punish this nice woman for not paying attention to who she was contacting, Tony Besselink (The Band) was born.

Ultimately the plan to waste people's time backfired, as they ended up going through two rounds to the state finals, where they came fourth. Quite likely the strangest band in Melbourne, or even, dare we say, Melbourne + the South East Suburbs, there's no limit to the future successes the band might backfire their way into.

The Time x Minutes Ago Was


Q. In your opinion, would a vampire show up on an infrared camera?