Here you can find a list of podcasts I had a hand in creating, as well as some guest appearances on other podcasts.

After seven seasons of "Something Completely Different" the team of Nick Mason, Tony Besselink and "Little" Tommy Needham began to worry that they might be sued by Monty Python if they get too famous. So they changed their name.

After a two year hiatus we triumphantly returned! Well, maybe "triumphantly" is not the right word. We foolishly returned! Hmm, that seems a bit negative. We bravely returned! Yup, that's the one.

Published Nov. 5, 2016

We've had 2 years to think about this episode. And what do we have to show for it?

Listen in wonder as Tom describes the most boring way to kill a wizard. Weep at Tony's sad tale of a panda who can never catch a break. Plus music critic Nick Mason gets the inside story on the frankly worrying success of Tony Besselink (The Band).

Our one and only season before we were all too old and booted from the youth network. But our legacy lives on... I think, they probably don't remember us.

Published Dec. 17, 2014

The trio reunite for Nick's final broadcast on Syn. For the last time they talk about such bizarre topics as a strange man summing up your day with a poem before bed, the sheer scope of Tony's stubbornness against a computer in chess, a bus that runs on bodily waste, home made submarines and more! Also, a sample of Tony's third album, a round of Poor Man's MacGyver, and we find out once and for all which of Inspector Gadget, Donkey Kong or Aqua Man is simply the best.

Published April 20, 2014

In our finale, beekeeping scientists find out the hard way the most painful place to be stung. Tony deals with mob investors of his broadway play in Poor Man's MacGyver. Mr Squiggle, Mary Poppins and John the Baptist form an unlikely hip hop crew. A Yahoo Answers user deals with his partners Gandalf fetish, and Nick finds some... truly disturbing... fan fiction about Tom Needham.

Published April 13, 2014

The gang took a week off while part of RMIT was on fire. But now they're back! And so is the text line! So the listeners can comment on the worst things to say to a jury. Or Tony's surprisingly arousing explanation of libraries. Or Tom's bizarre tale of jest in Narrative Jeopardy. And there's even more!

Published March 30, 2014

In today's episode Tony ages a year. But is he wiser? Listen to him trying to determine which story is fake in 50/50; a man who nearly killed himself with selfies, or a Japanese stadium with modern hygiene "conveniences"? Also, who's the best out of Stephen Hawking, Paul McCartney, and a velociraptor from Jurassic Park? Throw in a round of Yahooligans, and Tony recounts which unlikely people got a little rowdy at his party last night.

Published March 23, 2014

An earlier show than usual, containing amazing segments like Surprisingly Saucy (curling has never sounded so damn fine), a poorly constructed Sob Story about George (a silverback Gorilla who's a jerk), some terrible ideas for action films, Tom attempting to rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of King Kong, and his second shot at Tomfoolery. Plus, we finally discover what determines someones sexual orientation. It's not genetics or your upbringing. What can it be? Tune in to find out!

Published March 16, 2014

False starts and late arrivals can't keep down this massive show. While one family is cowering in fear from their pet cat, another lady has decided to marry her dog. In Iceland, a woman joins forces with dozens of people to help find herself. Nick has to deal with a sticky situation in space in Poor Man's MacGyver, and Tom gets his own segment to with as he sees fit. Will he live up to the potential and responsibility. (Spoiler Alert: No)

Published March 9, 2014

A delectable offering of conversational bollocks for you. On the menu today, Nicks application for a really crappy position (pun intended), the trio's review bath tubs, baked beans get surprisingly more saucy than usual, Tony recalls the time he learned about the number 8, a homicidal Kit Kat taking down orphans, and modifications to increase the top speed of the Human Centipede.

Published March 2, 2014

Another double length show, with tales of turning TVs off in retail stores, sociopathic rabbits, a Narrative Jeopardy with man facing off against beetle, umbrella human hybrids, and more. Come find out why the Milky Bar Kid is better than Aquaman and Kevin Mccallister! Plus, possibly the strangest competition ever: Provide the best use of "akimbo" in a sentence for a digital picture of Tony in the file format of your choice!

Published Feb. 23, 2014

The gang decided to come in an hour earlier than their scheduled time slot, to present the first of many "Half Arsed Hours" that would take place before the show properly began (where they would switch to using their full arse). This jam packed episode gives the verdict on White Night, the worst boxer in the world, North Korea's trip to the stars, erotic fandom between two very unlikely characters, as well as the worst pitches for sitcoms you will ever hear.

Published Feb. 16, 2014

Why are starfish ripping themselves apart? How much money has listener Pebbo spent messaging into the studio? Will Tony be able to save the wealthiest people from a sinking ship? And what did he leave in the pantry that he shouldn't have? All this and more!

  • Listen to the show here. Or download it here.
Published Feb. 9, 2014

Brand new show, same old nonsense. Ghosts with poor time management are terrorising people! Tony subjects the audience to his 2nd album, while Tom makes cricket a saucy game indeed. Speaking of saucy, what did the porn star offer for a little something something? Listen now!

  • Listen to the show here. Or download it here.

Introducing Something Completely Different: Melbourne’s only alternative for an alternative only Melbourne.

Something Completely Different aims to pull apart the petty, the pedantic and the pedestrian elements of society as we love and loathe it. There’s simply no place here for the big issues. Nick,Tony and Tom will pick up the pieces of the world’s most neglected news and those day-to-day hypotheticals too often overlooked. It’s the train of thought you missed by minutes. It’s Something Completely Different.

The show boasts three emphatic figures at its helm. Leading the charge is Nick Mason, a renowned music journalist and voice of Melbourne’s live music scene. Alongside Nick is co-host Tony Besselink, a local comedian with many accolades to his name including a recent slot in the 2011 RAW Comedy State Finals. Last but not least, there's Tom Needham, member of hotly-tipped rock outfit Pro Rata.

Together they aim to host a revolving door of offbeat segments and oddball guests, with the enigmatic promise that no two shows will be the same. Of course, there will be the chat and the music we’ve come to enjoy of the medium of radio - but with these three crazy cats behind the wheel, it’s set to be a wild ride indeed.

Season 7 was, hands down, the most recent season we've ever done. Featuring the long overdue introduction of the "boing" noise... which was pretty hastly abandoned.

Published Nov. 24, 2013

Bam! You've been blindsided by an hour of nonsensical chat! In this latest podcast, Tony barely arrives on time for an outback wedding, Tom applies for the position of 'space janitor' and Nick makes the mistake of wearing a nerdy shirt to the studio... cue the superhero talk.

Published Oct. 30, 2013

Boo! We're back for a very special Halloween-themed podcast! Get the lo-down on a scary new species of crustacean, the sexier side of cemeteries and all the freakiest queries to feature on Yahoo! Answers. It's so good, it's spooky!

Published Oct. 7, 2013

Well, that's another season done and dusted... hip-hip, hooray! In our final hour, we discuss chance encounters, porcupines and Tom's perverse surveillance techniques.

Published Sept. 30, 2013

In this hour, we discuss the world helium crisis, horrible holy water, daily nudity and some of the strangest eBay items ever listed.

Published Sept. 24, 2013

In this hour, we discuss strange laws, a hotel for hens and millionaire matchmakers.

Published Oct. 9, 2013

I wish all these ghosts would learn to clean up after themselves. If that sentence appears to make no sense, you'd best listen to the latest episode of Something Completely Different! It involves newly-appointed prison mascots, coconut-based black magic and the latent sex appeal of your local tip.

Published Oct. 9, 2013


Published Aug. 31, 2013

This episode featured Little Tommy Needham's review of the horrendous telemovie 'You, Me and Uncle Bob', as well as the return of Soapbox as the show's furious finale. Meanwhile, Nick discovered a tasty news item in the pages of That's Life magazine concerning a self-proclaimed mermaid. To round out the hour, the dust was blown off an old segment, Sob Story. Nick attempted to make his co-presenters shed a tear or two with a tale featuring Mr.Whippy and an unfortunate young orphan named Charlie.

Published Aug. 25, 2013

This episode featured frisky guinea pigs, talk of Brandy's failed stadium gig, a crazed plan to clone John Lennon and an update concerning Pacu fish. Meanwhile, Tony and Tom conducted a mock-interview with Nick, with a position in a panda breeding program on the line. The show also explored the sex appeal of haberdashery.

Published Aug. 25, 2013

In this episode, Nick and Tony interviewed Tom for the unique position of 'bikini-clad housecleaner'. Meanwhile, Narrative Jeopardy made a return - Tony's imagination again unparalleled - and new segment, Surprisingly Saucy, infused the subject of 'submarines' with maximum sex appeal. We're happy to confirm that, yes, it proved pretty juvenile. This week's news warned of plum-hungry piranha-cousins and territorial seagulls.

Published Aug. 25, 2013

In this episode, Little Tommy Needham served up a DVD review of forgotten comedy 'classic', Nice Girls Don't Explode. Meanwhile, Tony took part in Poor Man's MacGuyver, forced to stop an alien-possessed President with an apocalyptic scheme. In the news this week, one man's infatuation with Lego took a criminal turn and a computer, designed purely for comedic effect, crashed and burned. It was another huge episode and hard to sum up. Maybe the following keywords will help: giant snails, laser tag, pirates, computers and spontaneous combustion. Intrigued?

Published Aug. 4, 2013

In this episode, the panel discussed Clive Palmer's dinosaur park, a mermaid school based in Manila and a brand new 24-hour Panda channel. Meanwhile, an absurd story born from Tom's imagination bamboozled listeners and, later, Tony did his best to make photosynthesis saucy. The episode also featured its share of surprises, with Nick bringing a few belated birthday gifts to the studio. It was, of course, a jam-packed episode with a bit of boing and a whole lot of LOLs.

Published July 28, 2013

This second episode shed light on some radical new cosmetic procedures involving palms and snails. If you've ever wanted to alter your future or reverse the aging process, this edition of SCD is for you! The trio also looked at crazy cafe ideas implemented overseas, examining the alleged 'wow-factor' of goats. Meanwhile, the team's fantastically fake dating profiles were revisited and Tom was required to escape imprisonment in yet another challenging edition of Poor Man's MacGuyver. It was, of course, a jam-packed episode with added 'boing'.

Published July 20, 2013

This episode marked the long-awaited return of Nick, Tony and Tom to SYN's Saturday evening line-up. The trio experimented with dating website OKCupid, introduced a new segment (Simply The Best) and retraced Little Tommy Needham's 'goodwill tour' of Nepal. All in all, it was another feisty affair. The news this week included a potty-based peeping tom, a mouse with a sense of karma and death by wayward heifer. This first episode of the new season also included the introduction of whacky SFX. It was an exciting return show - one you wouldn't want to miss.

The Gang were back with a vengence! With all new segments like Narrative Jeapoardy, and such highlights as that shitty James Bond movie treatment Tony's Dad wrote.

Published July 3, 2013

In this episode, Nick recalls an infamously awkward taxi experience, before revealing - at long last, thanks to That's Life magazine - the cautionary tale of the Milky Bar Kid. Meanwhile, in another ridiculous round of How Low Can You Go, Tom stumbles upon a magic lamp that causes all kinds of problems. The team also banded together for a co-op edition of Poor Man's MacGuyver. It was an absolutely enormous finale, one you wouldn't want to miss... and guess what? You don't have to!

Published July 3, 2013

In this episode, the trio discussed the invention of an ominous space gun, as well as Clive Palmer's expensive Jurassic-Park-themed dream. Nick's story for Narrative Jeopardy involved the election of evil ghosts to office, while a few old segments - Stuff You Can't Do and Soapbox - made an overdue return. In short, it was a pretty jam-packed episode.

Published July 3, 2013

We went all out to ensure Tony's birthday was certainly... Something Completely Different! Nick and Tom spared no expense, SYN's resident duck-enthusiast receiving a book by Katie Price and a peculiar addition to the 'Dummies' book series. Episode Twelve of the season also featured a fantastical work of fiction courtesy of Mr.Needham, while two presenters went head-to-head in the show's very first 'news-off'. Later on in the program, Nick found himself at a loose-end for Poor Man's MacGuyver, faced with an unruly mob and a controversial political agenda set to make history.

Published March 23, 2013

This was one of those shambolic hours... the very special kind that do crop up from time to time. The episode featured a very special interview with former Prime Minister John Howard, as Tony had another go at plugging his comedy festival show. The trio discussed the self-described psychic in touch with 'octopus men' and 'cat people' and, later, fledgling segment 9 to 5 returned, Nick and Tom conducting a job interview concerning queen bees. Meanwhile, Little Tommy Needham told a brand new Sob Story about a spider hell-bent on avenging his family.

Published March 17, 2013

Cue up the flashpots and confetti cannons: this week marked our 70th show with SYN! To celebrate, we ramped up the ridiculousness, talking stuff and nonsense like never before. The episode kicked off with shonky crime and a temp teacher's audacious show-and-tell session. We aired our ideas for all-new gameshows, each spectacularly flawed and borderline incomprehensible. Meanwhile, Poor Man's MacGuyver saw Tony struggle to impress childen at a backyard's birthday party and 50/50 made a return following an extended hiatus. It was another weird, wild and wonderful episode overall.

Published March 12, 2013

This week, the trio discussed a strange misinterpretation of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme tune, as well as freak icicle incidents involving aeroplanes and caravans. Meanwhile, Stuff You Can't Do made a return, revisiting the limitations of man. The team also took a look at TV through the ages, pitting some of the weirdest and wackiet ideas ever conceived against Channel 31's Fishcam. Of course, Tony once again struggled to plug his comedy festival show properly, but managed to weave a wonderfully silly work of fiction for Narrative Jeopardy.

Published March 4, 2013

The trio took advantage of a super-sized timeslot, talking stuff and nonsense for just over two hours. The news this week featured asteroid-annihilating superweapons and snakes in plague-proportions. Meanwhile, Nick forged a baffling piece of fiction for Narrative Jeopardy and Little Tommy Needham did his best to stage the perfect first date in another round of Poor Man's MacGuyver. The team also took a retrospective look at Channel 31's most famous show, Fishcam. What would happen if you took all that and mashed it together with Scientology shenanigans, tug-of-war casualties and fat American diners? Correct: you'd have one hell of a show.

Published Feb. 24, 2013

The trio took on a huge week of hilariously weird news: Quebec prepared for an invasion of undead foes, whilst pilots from around the world were encouraged to let 'er rip with their flatulence. Meanwhile, in a new game titled Narrative Jeopardy, Little Tommy Needham whipped up a work of fictional genius featuring the mysterious Bibleman. Tony was put through his paces with a mock job interview and Worst Thing To Say When returned to close the show.

Published Feb. 17, 2013

Oh, what an episode this was. The trio discussed the sexiest astronaut ever to grace outer-space. Meanwhile, Nick was placed in the hot-seat for Poor Man's MacGuyver and Needhampedia lifted the lid on the intricacies of cake. Tony chipped in with the saddest sob-story ever told and by the end of the hour, the show had been described as strangely duck-heavy. It was a pretty weird episode to say the least.

Published Feb. 9, 2013

This week, the trio discussed a novel restaurant idea, the poor form of 'worst Dad ever' and Donald Trump's lawsuit against a careless comedian. Meanwhile, the team continued to determine their personalities via the Church of Scientology and mocked up a few speeches for the wedding of the woman who 'married herself'. Soapbox went on to wrap up the jam packed show.

Published Feb. 1, 2013

The show this week shed light on a freaky fur-based diet, a not-so-saucy e-mail exchange and a chimp's addiction to pornography. The trio received word of an American cuddle club, Poor Man's MacGuyver returned and Food For Thought made its debut. This episode also marked Tony's first ever contribution to the news and, strangely enough, his dad even chipped in with a synopsis for Bond 24.

Published Feb. 1, 2013

This week, the trio inevitably returned to the subject of cuddle clubs before tackling drunk dentists and failed funerals. Meanwhile, Scientology assisted the team in determining their personalities and 'Worst Thing To Say When' made its long-awaited return. Later, a segment called 'Poor Man's MacGuyver' made its debut. Little Tommy Needham was given a tough time as its guinea pig.

Published Feb. 1, 2013

The second episode of the year saw the team investigate Tokyo's cuddle clubs and the loudest cat on record. Nick shared a couple of anecdotes, recalling a creepy comedy club incident, as well as an embarrassing put-down at a house party. Meanwhile, Tony reopened the Gospel Of Modern Manners and Tom shed some light on strange happenings at a Coldplay concert. An old segment, For Better Or Worse, even made a triumphant return in a jam-packed episode.

Published Jan. 13, 2013

The show's back and ready to shake up Saturday evenings in 2013. In our first show of the year, the team discussed poltergeists stealing pricey resumes, failed jewel heists, problems with The Hobbit and aired an unsavoury retail story. To round out the show, the trio shared the exciting adventures of the all-new Mr.Men.

The gang were away from radio, but still had a mad time. Includes such highlights as Tony's shallow attempt to get Tom to admit he would have sex with a sheep under the right circumstances.

Published Dec. 10, 2012

It's ok, the next episode is here! Don't tie yourself in a knot like some snakes might be doing! Don't stop believing in the power of walking! Don't worry about the logistics of communication at the speed of sound! And especially don't get your hopes about the return of Tom's Gandhi.

Published Dec. 3, 2012

Despite the sweltering 37 degree day, the gang hunkered down for some more shenanigans. A vampire on the loose in Serbia, and the discovery of an abandoned unicorn lair. Zombies who want their own sovereign state. Which of the three presenters would you eat if stuck in the wild? All this and more!

Published Nov. 26, 2012

A jam packed episode, filled with pub food mind games, a dissection of Tom's fear of heights, contingency plans for going back in time, a bus driver with a very poor memory and knowledge of social boundaries, and a phone call from a mysterious person. Who could it be?

Published Nov. 19, 2012

Well, here we go again, I guess. In this episode, a man sues his wife for being deceptively attractive, some half arsed musings on which animal most promotes racial harmony, Tony deals with an uncomfortable man on a tram who has possibly traveled through time, and Tom meets a modern day Gandhi.

Published Nov. 12, 2012

Once again the big questions are being tackled. What exactly is social security? If you bite a snake back, what will your future hold? And what music would you use if you were orchestrating a birth? We also examine a woman who abducted herself for a day off, Tom's long awaited review of "The Distant Home", and a juvenile How Low Can You Go from Tony that Tom sees through straight away.

Published Nov. 5, 2012

Once again, we talked absolute bollocks. Okay, description done, go home. Oh, you want more info? Well what if I said a minister accidentally gives out a phone sex line? And how would you feel as a worm in Taiwan being forced into an arranged marriage? What is the higher galactic civilization, and how does eating meat prevent us from getting there? And, just what can Tom do to make his racing day stories more interesting?

Published Sept. 25, 2012

It's time for the very first SCD Podcast! The group discuss their shambolic recording setup, the optimum time in the day to give birth, some bizarre personality questions from the Church of Scientology, cost cutting art galleries losing priceless works, and more! We also dissect the (probably self appointed) Supreme Master's assertion that going vegan will solve EVERY problem. Plus, we ask the ultimate question: which letter is silent in 'Rembrandt'?

This was the most 5th season we had ever done. It took some getting used to, but we managed.

Published July 26, 2012

What's the best way to finish a season? A clip-show? No? Well too bad, it's a clip show. With Tony somewhere in the US of A, Nick and Tom relive some of the best moments from the show. But a surprise message from Tony at the end of the show, outlining the recipient of the "Listener Of The Season" award, is the biggest twist of all!

Published July 9, 2012

Psychic pigs, scheming cockroaches and classroom conundrums were under the microscope this week, the trio tackling a wide variety of topics. Crazy toothpick-based crime cropped up throughout the hour, as well as news of an ambitious mayonnaise heist and sandwich strife at the Grateful Deli shop. Meanwhile, segments For Better Or Worse and How Low Can You Go returned, the latter testing Nick Mason's moral fibre. All this and more made for a jam-packed hour, with laughs aplenty on offer.

Published July 9, 2012

This week, the trio took aim at the only recorded 'security cat', Kim Kardashian's alleged link to terrorist organisations, love song dedications and celebrity nicknames. Also, special guest Caity Fowler dropped by to plug her upcoming show at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, 'Lists Of Invisible Things', segment How Low Can You Go returned and Worst Thing To Say When explored faux-pas to a tee.

Published June 24, 2012

This week, the trio talked fossilised turtles, bacon sundaes and Little Tommy Needham received a special birthday surprise from Tony Besselink. The limitations of man were explored via the return of Stuff You Can't Do and Schemes - a.k.a. How Can You Weasle You Way Out Of This - concerned the perilous fate of an overzealous pick-pocket. Combined with Soapbox and a few familiar friends chipping in the odd text mesage or two, the tenth episode of the season proved tremendously massive.

Published June 20, 2012

Ricki-Lee Coulter, Being Lara Bingle and the imminent return of Big Brother cropped up in discussion and Yahooligans! made a welcome return. Meanwhile, Soapbox stirred a great deal of rage within the SYN studios and there was an intriguing twist in the saga surrounding Tony's toothbrush. Indeed, there were LOLs aplenty in another jam-packed episode of Something Completely Different.

Published June 20, 2012

This super-sized episode was originally slated for two hours, before indulgently expanding to an enormous three hours. The trio touched upon the prospect of reality television in outer-space, a Dutch gentleman's cat-helicopter creation and freaky fetishes. Meanwhile, For Better Or Worse returned, Tony subjected Nick to an intriguing round of How Low Can You Go and a water infomercial proved both entertaining and educational. To try and sum up every aspect of this super-sized episode would prove perilous, though... so why not simply relive the show in all of its glory?

  • Listen to Part 3 here. Or download it here.
  • Listen to Part 2 here. Or download it here.
  • Listen to Part 1 here. Or download it here.
Published June 4, 2012

This episode saw segment How Low Can You Go spin wildly out of control, degenerating into a truly antagonistic clash between presenters. Meanwhile, Nick served up some more avian-spy news, Worst Thing To Say When returned and the trio discussed the downfall of Nikki Webster. The team left no stone unturned, even stooping to wonder if maybe the youth of Australia have had it too good for too long.

Published May 28, 2012

This episode featured news of the avian spy variety, noisy toilet-going shenanigans and sun-lounger / call-centre calamity. Meanwhile, The Gospel of Modern Manners returned, the trio questioning ettiquette in contemporary society. Obscure Australian film Big Ideas came under fire and Little Tommy Needham's ambivalent past came to the fore, thanks to an ancient e-mail quiz. This episode was enormously huge, it actually ran a little over an hour... oops.

Published May 25, 2012

This episode featured the revival of dinosaur news, talk of Nepal's strange means to safe air-travel and the appalling tale of a scorned organ donor. Meanwhile, Tom was forced to expound on all things String Theory for a new segment, Needhampedia, sporting a dubious education on the subject. Also in the mix, we discussed obscure cinema and played a quick round of Yahooligans! to cap off another stellar show.

Published May 17, 2012

In this episode, Tony Besselink shone a light on bathroom-based pandemonium, his shaving equipment apparently misplaced. Meanwhile, our prehistoric pals - of the big-teeth-tiny-hands variety - received coverage for their climate-altering methane. An evil birthday clown also made the news, Soap Box returned and How Low Can You Go tested Tom Needham's ethical limits. It was very much an hour of power. Did you happen to miss the show? Tsk, tsk! Check it out!

Published May 8, 2012

In this episode, the trio talked up the connection between Al-Qaeda and hardcore pornography, before condemning the cruel revenge plot of a rogue dentist. The team also introduced a brand new segment - the SCD Soapbox - and fan-favourite Stuff You Can't Do returned to explore the limitations of man. We were sure to include a few Mario and Star Wards references for good measure... so in case you were wondering, yes indeed: much hilarity was had throughout the hour.

Published April 29, 2012

This shambolic second episode of the season saw tensions flare, Tony and Tom concocting a killer How Low Can You Go. Pizza Hut's heart-straining monstrosity received a tasty plug and a man's love-life was laid bare in spreadsheet form. This show also marked the return of For Better Or Worse and featured expected stretches of bickering and animosity between presenters. It was a bit weird, a little wacky and most certainly Something Completely Different.

Published April 24, 2012

A particularly cheeky cheeseburger prank kicked off this, the very first episode of the new season, the trio back to their antagonistic best in no time. Melbourne's lacklustre Kony Campaign was slammed along with KFC's disastrous earhquake faux pas. Vom News resurfaced, while How Low Can You Go tested Nick's ethical limits. The team also resurrected an old segment ('What the F Is Philosophy') and hatched a strange petrol-station surprise. Sounds weird? At the very least, it's Something Completely Different.

Season 4 saw the introduction of many features, too many to name!

Published April 24, 2012

We farewelled season four and boy did it go out with a bang. A sensationally silly session of Yahooligans! turned sinister suddenly, as the Oscars and the Olympics duked it out to determine which had more prestige. The struggle for Tony's "Listener of the Season" award quickly intensified, with a home-made board-game of Something Completely Different on the line (allegedly). Discussion turned to acid rain, english muffins, cancer-free con-artists and the very definition of water. It was indeed an especially zany episode of Something Completely Different.

Published April 24, 2012

Antics aplenty coloured another fine hour courtesy of the SCD team. Forget Vom News: Nick and Tom talked toilet paper, boasting a few consumer stories. A few weird and wacky headlines made it into the show, though, with tales of lazy amputees and Easter eggs with predictive powers cropping up in conversation. Also, two favourite segments returned: Sob Story and, of course, How Low Can You Go. Were Tony's ethical limits sufficiently tested? Did he crumble under the might of highly unlikely hypotheticals? Why not find out for yourself?

Published April 4, 2912

In this episode, we were obsessed with providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the show. We also tested the ethical limits of little Tommy Needham with a brand new segment titled How Low Can You Go. Also this episode, we brought Yahooligans! back, discussed more Vom news and touched upon a wild and wacky selection of extraneous subjects. Basically, this was one of the strangest shows we've ever done. If the mics were on between the songs, you'd have heard us cackling madly, caught in the sway of sheer absurdity. (See? Behind the scenes!)

Published March 28, 2012

In this episode, the trio premiered a brand new segment titled Things That Make You Go Vom, discussing the infamous Rainbow Milk Challenge in the process. A dissection of pranks gone wrong also cropped up, as well as another Worst Thing To Say When. The highlight of the show, however, arrived in Tony Besselink's impromptu portrayal of one Jesus Christ. Controversial? Maybe.

Published March 18, 2012

This episode, the trio had quite a few burning questions covered. What are some of the worst things you could possibly say to someone mid-break-up? Could a diet solely comprised of take-away food be the latest slimming sensation for fatties? How do you weasel your way out of a security blunder like no other? The answers to these questions and more featured throughout another awesome installment of Something Completely Different.

Published March 11, 2012

This week the trio presented an extended edition of the show, wrapping up after two whole hours of on-air awesomeness. Worst Thing To Say When made a return, with Yahooligans! and The Wicked Pitch also chipping in segment-wise. Plenty of news padded out the super-sized episode, including tidbits concerning Kerry O'Brien, food-crazed foxes and yoghurt misnomers. Needless to say, this was Something Completely Different in overdrive.

Published March 5, 2012

Is the show in line for fast-food sponsorship? Is a pregnant woman craving the dietary sustenance of her daily newspaper? Has a teacher abandoned his post to become a world-class rapper? The answers to all these questions and more feature in this brand new episode, one simply bursting at the seams with stuff and junk from all over. Also in this edition of SCD, a whole load of conspiracies get an airing, as well as Little Tommy Needham's adult film script. Mmm, saucy.

Published Feb. 28, 2012

In this jam-packed episode, we discuss the aftermath of the SYN Awards, attempt to break Hugh Grant into a rom-com-free realm of cinema and tear a sob story of Tom Needham's creation to shreds. We also indulged in a few familiar segments too, with the likes of For Better Or Worse and Yahooligans! cropping up. It was a wild ride, indeed. Prior to the show, we received news that we would not be able to get our hands on an archive. Good news: we were misinformed!

Published Feb. 25, 2012

Now you can relive all the magic of our very second episode of this brand new season! We discussed everything from rhinos, to fires, to piracy and even discussed the ethics of strange spectacle-stealing behaviour. Meanwhile, we were also sure to dissect an intriguing chicken nugget conundrum. All in all, it certainly was a most delicious show.

Published Feb. 12, 2012

Despite being downsized to an hour, we managed to pack in plenty of wild shenanigans. We had a special edition of Yahooligans!, more Stuff You Can't Do and even managed to debut a brand new segment. Meanwhile, Tony was sure to chip in with an intriguing tale of dishwasher deception, a few golden soundbytes following. It was a stunning return, whichever way you slice it.

Season 3 is arguably when the show hit its stride. With longer shows, the silliness was off the wall!

Published Jan. 5, 2012

With our new years eve special, we successfully ended 2011 with a bang. Our finale featured talk of Tom's trip to Queensland, For Better or Worse, another outrageous round of 50/50 and the deciding round of Hard Task Masters. Whichever way you look at it, our 36th instalment of Something Completely Different was very much an end-of-year extravaganza.

Published Dec. 29, 2011

Antics aplenty coloured our Christmas eve special. Yahooligans! made a return, an outrageous 50/50 stirred the pot and a ruthless dissection of Little Tommy Needham's foolish festivities also featured throughout the episode. Meanwhile, an especially seasonal sob story received an airing and Hard Task Masters put an interesting spin on one of our favourite segments: For Better Or Worse.

Published Dec. 18, 2011

This tenth episode was certainly a jam-packed, segment-extravaganza, with more than a few things to get through. We had the return of For Better Or Worse, quoted various conundrums for the sake of Yahooligans! and debuted a brand new segment: Stuff You Can't Do. Meanwhile, the radio play arrived at its thrilling conclusion, and Tom's challenge for Hard Task Masters took an unexpected turn. Yes, episode ten was an explosive surprise packet.

  • Listen to Part 2 here. Or download it here.
  • Listen to Part 1 here. Or download it here.
Published Dec. 12, 2011

Strap yourselves in for truly shambolic three hours. This episode shed new light on Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and explored the terrifying graffiti epidemic apparently plaguing Western Australian bus fleets. Meanwhile, Hard Task Masters made short work of Tom's tastebuds, Sob Story returned and the second chapter of SCD's infamous radio play received an airing.

  • Listen to Part 2 here. Or download it here.
  • Listen to Part 1 here. Or download it here.
Published Dec. 5, 2011

The silly season is upon us, with the show's swansong nearing too. This episode marked the eighth of a series of ten, but fear not, faithful listeners: we could be back for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve specials yet. We're getting it sorted! In the meantime, if you missed our most recent stint on the airwaves, stream/download the show in its entirety from the link below. You'll get 50/50, Hard Task Masters, a radio play, a dissection on conspiracy theories and much more. Go on - treat yourself!

Published Nov. 28, 2011

This week, we embarked on another huge three hours of entertainment. The Wicked Pitch of the Airwaves made its triumphant return, indie-rockers Playwrite came in to discuss odds and ends and a brand new segment - titled Sob Story - made its debut. Meanwhile, the latest instalment of Hard Task Masters saw Nick and Tony blindly navigating each others' inteviews, the results rather amusing.

  • Listen to Part 2 here. Or download it here.
  • Listen to Part 1 here. Or download it here.
Published Nov. 21, 2011

This episode ran at three hours, jam-packed with all sorts of shenanigans. We debuted a brand new segment in The Wicked Pitch of the Airwaves, interviewed Sydney's own indie-rockers Made In Japan and even indulged in a fleeting game of For Better or Worse. Meanwhile, this week's Hard Task Masters saw Tom and Tony go head to head in reading each other's 'eulogies', the results a bit more than brutal. In short, it was a huge show. It was an episode so enormously huge that we've had to upload it in two parts.

  • Listen to Part 2 here. Or download it here.
  • Listen to Part 1 here. Or download it here.
Published Nov. 13, 2011

This episode featured an untimely review of Lindsay Lohan's 2006 film Just My Luck, as well as the return of For Better Or Worse and another stellar Saturday evening news bulletin. Meanwhile, Hard Task Masters turned the tables on both Nick and Tom, each presenter forced to join the Yahoo! Answers community. Throw in a text or two from Tony's Grandma and you've got one tremendous show indeed.

Published Nov. 6, 2011

This episode saw For Better Or Worse return -with discussions ranging from the Melbourne Cup, to Halloween and even Dentistry - and beloved SCD segment Yahooligans made a timely return. Towards the end of of the show, Nick and Tony would go head to head in Hard Task Masters, charged with the formidable task of flogging non-existent films. Naturally, not even the best recap could sufficiently demonstrate the sheer fun and frivolity of this brand new Something Completely Different, so why not check it out in full for yourself?

Published Oct. 30, 2011

We had plenty bubbling in the pot for this very special third episode, a veritable feast of fun coming to the boil. Saturday evening saw tensions mount amidst an in-studio trial, the show also featuring an infamously spooky Halloween story. Meanwhile, Tom and Tony would take part in the catastrophic cook-off to end all tastebuds.

Published Oct. 23, 2011

This episode dissected all the big issues - everything from toothbrush debacles, to sex education, to real-life donkey votes. Throw in a little Hard Task Masters challenge and a recap of Tony's rendezvous with a German lass and you've got one hell of a show.

Published Oct. 17, 2011

This first episode of the new series featured a renewed Hard Task Masters tournament, the first challenge providing plenty of venom between presenters. We also discussed Tony's stint on Channel 31, debuted our Saturday evening news bulletin and brainstormed ways to improve everything from libraries to public pools.

This was the season Tom joined the Team. If you're listening for the first time, I'd pick a more recent episode. Pieces were still falling into place here.

Published Oct. 10, 2011

Although this episode marked our season finale, we're actually back for another twelve episodes as of 7pm next Saturday on SYN - with an extra half hour, no less. If you'd like to relive all the antics of this final episode, however, you're in for a treat. We discussed Russian politics, Tony's brush with both hypnosis and Scientology and we dug up all the spooky relics of the show's Segment Graveyard. Naturally, chaos and conflict ensued, the season ending with a bang.

Published Oct. 2, 2011

The penultimate episode of our second season was jam-packed to say the least. For Better Or Worse made a belated return and Hard Task Masters took a nostalgic turn. Meanwhile, we discussed everything from weddings to telemarketing strategies. Even Hitler received a mention, as - strange as it seems - he so often does with this show.

Published Sept. 25, 2011

Episode ten proved a veritable smorgasboard of radio ridiculousness, with everything from bats to double beef and cheeseburgers discussed at lenght. It was a dynamite show in which The Gospel Of Modern Manners was revisited, with Yahooligans also making an exciting return. Hard Task Masters would offer listeners a trip to the theater, with both Nick and Tom crafting all-encompassing radio plays.

Published Sept. 18, 2011

Deal or no deal? Neither - it's...

Something Completely Different! This week, the trio touched upon everything from smiley dinosaurs to disastrous gameshow decisions. The episode saw Yahooligans return in fine form alongside the week's wildest headlines for the few news-enthusiasts tuning in. Meanwhile, the latest Hard Task Masters sunk to an all-time low, as the competition finally got physical between the presenters. Brutally physical? Sexually physical? Read into it what you will.

Published Sept. 12, 2011

This week, the trio were a tad distracted by the deliciously stupid idea of pizza in outer-space. Amidst the interstellar discussion, we had another crazy round of Yahooligans, as well as a rap-battle for the ages: Little Tommy Needham head-to-head with the PomoMofo. It was one explosive episode and you should be ashamed of yourself for missing it.

Published Sept. 4, 2011

In this show we welcomed our first ever special guest into the studio, with another evening of fun-filled antics on the cards. We brought back the beloved absurdity of Yahooligans, the Gospel of Modern Manners returned and Hard Task Masters dished some serious dirt. Put simply, this was one seriously busy, jam-packed show. Think you can handle it?

Published Aug. 27, 2011

What a show this was. The sixth episode of the season featured a listeners poll, a brand new segment and a dash of romance for good measure. Nick and Tony went head to head in Hard Task Masters, as Tom prepared to award outright first to the prevailing poet. So what went down exactly? Listen to be filled in!

Published Aug. 22, 2011

This installment of Something Completely Different saw Tony and Tom at their inventive worst. As per the challenge set in last week's Hard Task Masters, the presenters went head to head in their attempts to successfully pitch a brand new invention. We had plenty of other on-air shenanigans in store, too, from the belated Gospel Of Modern Manners to another dose of Yahooligans. Frankly, we've only touched the tip of the iceberg.

Published Aug. 13, 2011

We've struck gold with yet another instalment of Something Completely Different. In this fourth episode of the second series, we indulged in everything from Yahooligans! to Hard Task Masters. There's even a recap of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes for your listening pleasure.

Published Aug. 8, 2011

In episode three of the second series, the diabolical competition of Hard Task Masters really began to heat up. Only one week prior, Tom Needham had proposed a prank war between colleagues. Who would prevail? You need only listen to the show to find out. As a bonus, there's discussions concerning apes and philosophers. It was a real mixed bag and you'd be mad not to check it out.

Published Aug. 3, 2011

Nick Mason, Tony Besselink and Tom Needham indugled in another hour of power to discuss everything from pop rocks, to poems to outrageous schemes. Out of all of our shows, this was definitely one of them. Are you excited? You should be.

Published July 26, 2011

OMG! Can it be?

Yes! Something Completely Different is back for a second series, notching up its thirteenth episode. This past Saturday evening, m'colleague Tony Besselink and I made our triumphant return to the airwaves, with an additional member no less. That's right: Tom Needham has joined the fray and will be a full-time part of the fun and frivolity over the next eleven weeks of the season. This instalment of Something Completley Different saw discussion range from the Harry Potter to Rebecca Black. Pop-culture win!

The Pre-Tom era (although he is in the very first episode). Some highlights are here, such as the reading of the Everybody Loves Raymand fanfiction titled "Frank's Death", but I'd consider listening to newer episodes first.

Published July 26, 2011

It's the end! The end!

Well, episode twelve marked the end of our debut season, anyway. You may have noticed by now that we're back for round two. Still, if you're all nostalgic and utterly obsessed with events passed, m'colleague Tony Besselink and I are happy to reserve judgment - it was an epic finale, after all. The stage for the thrilling conclusion to 50/50 was set and Good Question resurfaced. We even indulged in an encore about an hour later thanks to the absence of our Remixed buddies.

  • Listen to (Encore) here. Or download it here.
  • Listen here. Or download it here.
Published July 11, 2011

It's only the second last instalment of Something Completely Different's debut season. As ever, m'colleague Tony Besselink and I had a blast strutting our stuff on the airwaves. The show offered much fun and frivolity, covering everything from pandas' Obsession For Men to teddy bear picnics, as well as the latest Transformers film and a nostalgia-filled trip down memory lane.

Published July 5, 2011

This week we covered everything from Asian swamp eels to surprise birthdays, with a brand new segment also making its debut. We also had a super secret guest on the programme. Who is this mystery figure? Is it blatantly obvious? Should you care either way? We have the answers to these questions and more in the very tenth episode of Something Completely Different!

Published June 26, 2011

We've notched up nine episodes now and, though I'd love nothing more than to live in denial, the season's end is indeed in sight. If this show's anything to go by, however, we're going to go out with a bang. We covered everything from stolen pornography to Scottish penguins to a goat with a rank of Lance Corporal. If this is all sounding a little ridiculous, then I'll be happy to inform you that it really was.

Published June 20, 2011

Believe it or not, this is indeed the eighth instalment of Something Completely Different in what has very quickly become a series of this sort of thing. All sorts of shenanigans were afoot, including discussions covering puppy-dog eyes to conspiracy theories. 50/50 featured again and we had a war of words on our hands with the age-old Private vs Public discussion. But why take my word for it?

Published June 15, 2011

This past Saturday night saw the very first two-hour extravaganza of Something Completely Different! Amidst our usual ramblings, we covered everything from ingenious pranks to imaginary friends. Meanwhile, m'colleague Tony Besselink treated listeners to an overly-preachy, hastily-formed fable titled The Eagle and the Worm in Communist Russia. With another dynamite instalment of 50/50 and Good Question thrown in for good measure, this was one huge show.

Published June 5, 2011

Just like that, yet another installment of Something Completely Different is over and done. There was music, a bit of a chat and even an ad thrown in for good measure. M'colleague Tony Besselink and I really covered all bases.

Good Question and 50/50 returned and we touched upon everything from orgys to Nazis. We even featured a little homemade fan fiction. Crazy times.

Published May 30, 2011

The fifth installment of Something Completely Different is done and dusted! M'colleague Tony Besselink and I indulged in another sixty minutes of music and banter for your listening pleasure. This episode featured the debut of a new segment: The Gospel of Modern Manners. We also heard Tony try his hand at rap, recall a failed stand-up routine and, to close out the show, we had 50/50. If you happened to miss the show, fear not: it's available right here!

Published May 23, 2011

What an episode! M'colleague Tony Besselink and I braved a shambolic beginning to produce another hour of power. We went onto discuss the worst gifts we've ever received, the impending Rapture and even snuck in a little 50/50. Meanwhile, who, preytell, could forget the silky smooth tones of Bruce Willis' Under The Boardwalk?

Published May 17, 2011

We're now three shows into our season, which is all kinds of awesome. What did you think of our most recent show? Things are certainly heating up now where 50/50's concerned. It would seem m'colleague Mr.Besselink and I have committed to one fierce tug of war, alright. Meanwhile, we also chatted a little about the homeless, we had more 'good questions' and plenty of great tunes. If, heaven forbid, you somehow missed the show, you can STREAM or DOWNLOAD it from the following link...

Published May 8, 2011

Myself and m'colleague Tony Besselink enjoyed our second stint on the airwaves last night. We touched on Avatar, Twilight, Harry Potter, Captain Planet and even introduced a brand new segment. Check it out!

Published May 1, 2011

This needs a better description

Pre-Apocalypse was a show on SYN hosted by Something Completely Different and Just Good Friends alumni Nick Mason. I was invited to guest on a couple of episodes, which you can listen to below.

If you enjoy the show, check out the rest of the episodes here

Published Aug. 17, 2014

(Nick Mason's description of the episode)

Tony Besselink and Tom Needham (SYN's Something Completely Different, Just Good Friends) dropped by the studio to discuss the rise of the planet of the apes! A wide range of topics were discussed, including failed kindergarten tests, monkey plumbers and being best buds with military soldiers.

  • Listen to the episode here.
Published Sept. 7, 2014

(Episode description by Nick Mason)

Comedian Tony Besselink dropped by the studio to discuss global warming! A range of topics were explored, including our Prime Minister's take on climate change, the Scottish uprising of midges and the drawbacks of being Captain Planet.

  • Listen to the episode here.

Aural Contraception, hosted by Murphy McLachlan and Suren Jayemanne, was a weekly show on SYN talking to comedians about the world and craft of comedy. Check out the rest of the episodes here (some searching may be required, "Aural Contraception" would be a good keyword to search on).

Published Dec. 1, 2012

From the SYN website

Murphy, Suren and guest Tony Besselink attempt to recreate the forever lost second episode and discuss Futurama, Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Sunday Showdown, Tony's writing process and more.

Murphy breaks out the old pedophile from Family Guy impression, Tony tells a made up anecdote about pom poms and Suren gets all emotional.

  • Listen to the episode here.

Live At The House is an occasional live comedy gig performed at the House of SYN and broadcast live.

Published Oct. 31, 2013

I was offered the chance to perform at SYNs very first Live At The House, alongside Luke McGregor, Nick Cody, Hayman Kent, Simon Taylor, Elbowskin. Listen in for a behind the scenes story of the "Jelly Mouse" incident from our SYN show "Something Completely Different".

  • Listen to the show here.

A companion podcast to the comedy room Commedia Dell Parte, run by Sean Ryan and Marcus Newman. A lighthearted chat about comedy, and things that aren't comedy.

Published Oct. 9, 2012

We discuss math jokes, feeding people mice, and the amazing comedy stylings of Captain Offensive.

  • Listen to the episode here.

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